Member Bulletins

SASCU Branches Partner for the Annual Christmas Gift Tree Campaign

Each year SASCU assists the Shuswap Family Resource Centre and the Eagle Valley Community Resource Centre by participating as a Tree & Drop-Off Location for local children to receive Christmas gifts.

We encourage everyone to come in and take tags from our trees. You can purchase a gift or certificate for the age of the child indicated on the tag and drop it off (unwrapped with the tag) at any drop-off location, which include the Shuswap Family Resource Centre, the administration offices of Centrenoka and Piccadilly malls, and all SASCU branches. Our Sicamous Branch is a drop-off for the Eagle Valley Community Resource Centre.

All gifts will be picked up by Monday, December 17.

SASCU Partners in Support of First Annual Shuswap Christmas Car Giveaway!

SASCU Announces Resignation of Board Director

SASCU Financial Group regretfully announces the resignation of Board Director Charlotte Sutherland, ACCUD, effective immediately.

“Charlotte has advised us that she must resign from the Board due to unforeseen family health issues,” says Barry Johnson, Board Chair of SASCU Financial Group. “The Board would like to thank Charlotte for her diligent service and for always placing the interests of the Members first.” Sutherland was elected for a second three-year term in 2018 and served as Board Secretary, in addition to serving as Member on the CEO and HR Committee, Credit and Market Risk Committee, and Nominating Committee. “We wish her the very best,” added Johnson.

Current Director John Schlosar will serve out the remainder of Sutherland’s term and 2018 runner-up candidate Trent Sismey has been appointed to the remaining vacant term ending May 2020. Sismey, a Chartered Professional Accountant, owns and operates a local accounting firm. He has spent several years in industry and has an active history in financial markets. Sismey looks forward to being an integral part of ensuring SASCU continues to prosper and invest in its communities.

SASCU Launches Online Banking Login Upgrade

SASCU has added a new layer of security to online banking to make our member experience more secure and user-friendly.  

The new risk engine powered login authentication means fewer challenge questions posed during login. Members are still required to select three challenge questions when they setup their online access.  However, the new risk engine model assesses the potential fraud level on many factors rather than just device. As a result, challenge questions are only asked for login events returning a high-risk score.  Reducing the frequency of challenge questions, and therefore, requiring less keystrokes, reduces the chance of fraudsters capturing the answers to your questions. This also saves you time and results in fewer account lockouts!

You may also notice that the “Remember my device” option has disappeared from the online banking login screen as it is now an obsolete feature with the new risk functions.

Locking out Fraudsters

SASCU is committed to the protection and security of all members’. We continue to implement necessary precautions to ensure you and your information are safe.

Effective April 12, 2018, if SASCU detects any suspicious activity on a members’ account from a known fraud criminal, the impacted online banking account will be locked immediately. Where possible, we will also cancel any e-transfers sent on the account during the fraudulent login session.

If you have any questions, please Visit a Branch or Contact us.

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Qtrade, Credential, NEI Merger Announcement: a stronger wealth management partner

Qtrade Canada Inc, Credential Financial Inc. and NEI investments announced a merger to create Aviso Wealth, a Canadian financial leader in Wealth management.

“Each of the three combining companies is successful on its own, but the combined organization will be much stronger, with greater potential for growth, profitability and innovation than the existing companies could achieve on their own, In today’s competitive financial landscape, building a coalition between credit unions and successful wealth partners has become more important than ever. Aviso Wealth will significantly enhance the credit union experience by providing members with an integrated range of innovative and competitively priced products and services.” 

Please note there will be no changes to your investments with SASCU Wealth, we will continue to provide you with the service you can expect from SASCU and the best prodtucts to fit your needs.  

 If you have any additional questions, contact SASCU Wealth

SASCU Member Survey – you have a voice!

We value our members’ opinions! To help us always keep getting better, we need to know more from you.  SASCU employs an independent research firm to do phone surveys on our behalf to learn about your experience with us. Your responses help tell us how we can improve and what is already working for you!

Please note that our researchers do not ask specific questions regarding your accounts or information, such as balances, Member Numbers, or passwords.  The survey questions are designed only to gather general information about your member experience. No member will be contacted more than once per year.

As an owner, you have a voice in SASCU!

Lock Yourself Out?

If you enter an incorrect PIN three times during an Interac Point-of-Sale (POS) transaction, you will be locked out from using your MemberCard until the PIN is reset. If you know your PIN, you can reset it yourself at any SASCU ATM. Just successfully complete a transaction (e.g., withdrawal) at any SASCU ATM and your card will be reactivated to use for POS transactions.

To change your PIN at a SASCU ATM, click "More Options" then "PIN Change". Follow the onscreen directions.

If you have forgotten your PIN, then see us in-branch to reset.