Education and Youth

A community's youth is its future. At SASCU, we want our youth off to as strong of a start as possible.

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Congratulations to our 2018 SASCU Scholarship recipients:

Andrew Cowell, Alex Delaney, Robyn de Wet, James Huntington, Relan Johanson, Brooke Keating, Allie Landy, Maggie Manning, Taylor Regier, Katrina Weicker, Emily Williams, Sarah Wolcoski and Alexa Zibin.

Pictured left to right are: Taylor Regier, James Huntington, SASCU Associate Vice President HR Sheri Hamilton and Relan Johanson.  (Not present is the fourth recipient, Jennifer Pletsch.)

Eagle River Secondary School recipient Sarah Wolcoski.


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Thank you so much for the show of support towards my education. This award will go a long way in helping me attaining my BBA in Accounting! As a lifelong member of credit unions, first in Greater Vancouver and now with your amazing establishment, I am a firm believer in the good these institutions do for our communities. As a proud member of SASCU, I am delighted to have been chosen and hope to continue in my service to this community for a long time to come.

And who knows, once I have my degree, maybe one day I’ll be a proud employee of SASCU too!

Thank you again so much,

Relan Johanson