Payroll Services

Want to use a payroll service provider?

SASCU can make a referral to a payroll processing services company to meet the needs of your business.

It’s easy – we’ll make a referral then a representative will meet with you to discuss your requirements and options. Services offered can include: payroll processing, payroll tax filing, job costing and labour distribution, management reporting, human resources administration and benefit information.

Do you administer your own payroll?

We have services which can streamline your payroll process.

Direct Payroll Deposit

Your employees can have their pay deposited to their Credit Union account and can utilize our wide range of financial products and services. Using the direct deposit method saves you from having to produce paycheques and saves your employees time as well.

Payroll Deduction Plans

If for some reason your employee doesn't want their complete pay deposited, they have the option of depositing only a certain portion. This is a real benefit to your employees, as it can aid in a disciplined savings plan for the short term or for their retirement if they choose to invest in an RRSP.