Our community matters to us. We recognize the importance of contributing to the economic and social development of our region. Through our Community Support program, we assist a wide range of initiatives that enhance our lifestyle and make our community a better place for us all.

Application Form - Under $500

Application Form - Over $500

Note: In order to use the form, you may need to download Adobe Reader. You can download a free version here:

Is there Community Support application criteria? Expand/Collapse

Preference is given to projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Located within our market area
  • Organizations with a SASCU account
  • Benefits the greatest number of people over the longest period of time
  • Support the betterment of the community
  • Initiatives with measurable results
  • Focused on one or more of the three areas SASCU has identified to make a positive impact:

    1. Community Prosperity 
    2. Community Gathering
    3. Youth - Sports and Arts

    [Environment-focussed projects are encouraged to review their fit for the SASCU Community Endowment Fund. Find out more about that application process here.]

Are there community organizations that should not apply? Expand/Collapse

We generally will not provide funding for the following:
  • For profit organizations;
  • Operating or administration costs including wages and speaker or consulting fees;
  • Any group that represents a conflict of interest for SASCU or promotes specific programs or issues where members of the Credit Union may have significantly divergent views;
  • Partisan, religious, government or political organizations;
  • Requests involving funding for travel; which would include meals and / or accommodation;
  • Initiatives which benefit only a specific individual or a very small group of individuals;
  • Programs or events outside our market area unless there is a clear benefit to our members;
  • More than one funding request per year from the same group;
  • Third party service groups (where funds are being raised to be given to other organizations, unless aimed at a specific project).
  • Public or private educational institution requests for materials or equipment typically or occasionally supplied through government funding.
The above mentioned criteria is a guideline. All community support applications are evaluated on an individual basis.

What needs to be submitted with the application? Expand/Collapse

For Community Support requests over $500, please attach the following documentation. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

  • Detailed organizational history – mandate and/or mission statement, organizational accomplishments
  • Detailed project outline and time lines
  • Project measures, particularly in relation to SASCU's three areas of impact (Community Prosperity; Community Gathering; Youth).
  • Detailed project budget – total amount requested, revenue, expenses, quotes (if applicable) for equipment, labour etc.
  • Most current Financial Statement
  • Other contributing partners and funding details
  • Detailed sponsorship levels with associated benefits to the sponsor, if applicable

What are the deadlines? Expand/Collapse

Completed application requests will be dated upon receipt and will be reviewed within three weeks of the deadline dates as follows:

  • Requests up to $500 are reviewed following the bi-weekly deadlines (15th & 30th of the month)
  • Requests over $500 are reviewed following the quarterly deadlines (last business day of February, May, August, November)
  • Requests of $10,000 and over are reviewed following the semi-annual deadlines (last business day of May and November)

Within two months of the project or event completion, successful applicants MUST submit a Project Evaluation Form along with copies of relevant media and advertising materials. Failure to complete this step may hinder future applications.

SASCU Community Support Evaluation Form

How do I submit the application? Expand/Collapse

Submitting is easy:

  1. Download Application
  2. Save and fill in form (print a copy for your records to ensure your input is saved)
  3. Send as attachment to

You may also deliver to the Marketing Department via:

  • Print and return the form to your nearest branch or;
  • Fax "Attention: Marketing Department" to 250.833.4480 or;
  • Mail to:  SASCU
                   Attn: Marketing Department
                   PO Box 868
                   Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N9

NOTE: After submitting by email, you should receive a reply within a week confirming that your application has been received. If you don't hear from us, please send a follow up email to

All requests for funding will only be considered when a complete application form is submitted. Remember to include any required supporting material for your application.