Community Prosperity

Strengthening the opportunities for people of  all ages and backgrounds in our region to thrive ensures a sustainable future. As a credit union, we particularly seek collabarative and innovative solutions that raise awareness of and share the benefits of the cooperative model.

Supporting community intiatives that further opportunities for young people to build successful careers here at home, help residents gain new skills and share knowledge, and  give a "hand up" to the disadvantaged to participate in our economy particularly hit home for our members.

We also recognize that "community" does not stop at the edge of the Shuswap. While "charity begins at home", it does not end there. With that in mind, we apply a small percentage of our giving to make an impact in this same way to global needs where we can make a difference. 

See below for examples of how SASCU with the help of our members are making a difference.

International Giving: Co-Operative Development Foundation "Breaking New Ground"

SASCU is supporting the spread of the co-operative model to help women and men in rural third world regions become agents of social change, improving the socio-economic situation of their families and communities, and closing the gap on gender inequality.

Co-operative chairperson Linda Adufude and other women co-operators are bringing food security to their farm families through better production and marketing of their crops, and by off-farm businesses they started with loans from their credit unions.

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Education and Youth

 A community's youth is its future. At SASCU, we want our youth off to as strong of a start as possible.

Learn more about our Scholarships and Bursaries

Congratulations to our 2018 SASCU Scholarship recipients:

Andrew Cowell, Alex Delaney, Robyn de Wet, James Huntington, Relan Johanson, Brooke Keating, Allie Landy, Maggie Manning, Taylor Regier, Katrina Weicker, Emily Williams, Sarah Wolcoski and Alexa Zibin.
                   Pictured left to right are: Taylor Regier, James Huntington, SASCU Associate Vice President HR Sheri Hamilton and Relan Johanson.  (Not present is the fourth recipient, Jennifer Pletsch.)