Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and Awards

"This Scholarship will help me immensely to complete my four year Bachelor of Science followed by four years of Medical School. I want to become a Medical Doctor so I can give back to the community and help people, and thanks to you I feel closer to that goal."

~Lyndsey Chesham, Okanagan College 2019 SASCU Scholarship Recipient

$26,750 in scholarships and awards to be distributed in 2019!

Pictured left to right are Okanagan College recipients: Lyndsey Chesham; Claire Hall; Sheri Hamilton, SASCU Vice President Human Resources;  Natasha Evanishin and Nicki Godfrey.

SASCU Scholarships and Awards were established to recognize students from the Credit Union membership for their academic, extracurricular and community contributions.

The scholarships and awards are awarded each year to deserving students from schools in our communities:

Scholarship criteria:

  • Demonstrated Academic or Technical achievement
  • Community involvement Or School Involvement OR Extraordinary Work Ethic
  • Membership with SASCU
  • Student must be enrolled full-time in an accredited post-secondary learning institution
Okanagan College - Salmon Arm Campus: Four $2,000 Scholarships

Local secondary school students receive scholarships of $1,500 each:

Salmon Arm Secondary (5), Eagle River Secondary (1), Salmon Arm Storefront (1), King's Christian School (1) and A.L Fortune Secondary (1).

Salmon Arm Secondary 2019 SASCU Scholarship and Award Recipients
Pictured left to right, back row are: Ethan Pyle, Ben VanBergeyk, Daniel Wyss and Alton Neid.
Front row are: Lauren Ough, Julia Brown and Emilie Petryshen.
"I was very grateful and appreciative to learn that I was selected as the recipient of your scholarship. I have been a member of SASCU for many years.  I have been accepted to the University of Alberta and hope to continue on to Medical School.  Thank you again for your kindness and your support of a young, aspiring doctor.  I hope one day I will be able to help and inspire students to achieve their goals and follow through just as you have helped me."

~ Emilie Petryshen, SAS 2019 SASCU Scholarship Recipient  

Award criteria:

  • Demonstrated success and strong work ethic in intended field of post-secondary study
  • Membership with SASCU
  • Student pursuing post-secondary studies that are over 6 weeks in length or 6 credits per semester as a part time student. (this includes vocational programs—like Trades Apprenticeship, Trades Foundation, Education Assistant, Health Care Assistant, Early Childhood Education, Office Administration, etc. – as well as part time university transfer and business studies)
Local secondary school students receive awards of $750 each:

Salmon Arm Secondary (2), Eagle River Secondary (1), Salmon Arm Storefront (2), King's Christian School (1) and A.L Fortune Secondary (1).  
"Thank you for awarding me with the SASCU Award. I am looking forward to attending UBCO in the fall. This scholarship will help me reach my goal of becoming an engineer."

~ Taylor Webster-Locke, A.L. Fortune 2019 Award Recipient

The scholarships and awards must be claimed by the beginning of the second college/university year after presentation, unless exceptional circumstances prevent enrolment. If the scholarship is not claimed by the second year and there are no exceptional circumstances, the funds will no longer be available as awarded.

Scholarship Funding

Scholarships are funded by SASCU Credit Union on an annual basis at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
Check out our Awards & Bursaries page – an award from the Credit Union Foundation of BC or CRI Canada may be an option.
Consider talking with a representative from our Personal Lending department. SASCU offers competitive rates on student loans.


Please note the following application processes for each institution:

Application Process – Okanagan College – Salmon Arm

Go to Okanagan College Financial Aid & Awards

Application Process – School District #83 (SAS, Eagle River, Storefront, King's Christian, AL Fortune)

  1. Applications are available from your school counsellor at your respective academic institution
  2. Applications need to be completed in full and returned to the school counsellor by a determined date
  3. Applications will then be reviewed by a selection committee
  4. Scholarships will be awarded at graduation ceremonies in that application year

Application Timelines – School District #83 (SAS, Eagle River, Storefront, King's Christian, AL Fortune)

Applications are made available yearly in April. Deadline for applications is yearly at the end of May.



The Credit Union Foundation of BC disburses educational awards to credit union members as well as grants to BC colleges and universities. They in turn provide bursaries to their students. See details about Awards & Bursaries below.

Credit Unions of BC Bursary Program

The Credit Union Foundation of British Columbia is the province-wide philanthropic organization of the credit union system. This Foundation was founded and is funded by British Columbia credit union members.

The Foundation’s primary purpose is to provide education awards to British Columbia-resident students enrolled in post-secondary programs and attending accredited colleges and universities within the province. The prime criteria is demonstrated financial need.

For details, visit the Foundation's web site: Only online applications are accepted.

SASCU/Credit Union Foundation of BC, Okanagan College Bursary

This Endowment Fund has been established by the Credit Union Foundation of BC and SASCU to provide an annual award for a student entering a trade program at the Okanagan College Salmon Arm campus.

For details, please visit the Okanagan College website for more information.

To open a youth account or for information to build your educational savings, visit one of our branches or email us –