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SASCU Launches Online Banking Login Authentication Upgrade

SASCU has added a new layer of security to online banking to make our member experience more secure and user-friendly.

As of April 25, 2018, SASCU has added a Risk Based Authentication Upgrade.

Increased Authentication
Increased Authentication continues to provide an additional layer of security to the login process and this feature still requires you to select three challenge questions when you setup your account. However, you will no longer be asked to answer a challenge question automatically when you login from a device or browser you haven't used before.

How it works
The new risk engine model assesses the potential fraud level on many factors rather than just device. As a result, challenge questions are only asked for login events returning a high-risk score.  Reducing the frequency of challenge questions, and therefore, requiring less keystrokes, reduces the chance of fraudsters capturing the answers to your questions.

Changes to Login
You may also notice that the “Remember my device” option has disappeared from the online banking login screen as it is now an obsolete feature with the new risk functions.

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We offer free online banking, providing you with access to your accounts 24/7 from a computer or mobile phone.

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Look over all recent account activity
Choose e-Statements and stop receiving paper statements by mail
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Pay your bills

Forget about buying stamps, getting the payment in the mail or not being able to schedule your payments in advance. With online bill payment services, you can pay the following bills easily and conveniently from your computer or mobile phone.

Credit cards
Oil, gas, propane companies
Telecommunications, cable companies
Canada Revenue Agency filing and payments

If you don't see the company you want to pay in our existing directory – contact us to see if we can add them as a vendor.

Transfer funds

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Access Interac® e-Transfer to transfer money to other people in Canada: suppliers,colleagues, you decide

Be secure

SASCU online banking handles your personal and financial information with care. Any personal or transactional information transmitted between you and our Internet banking system is secure and cannot be read by anyone else. The integrity of your account information is guaranteed. Learn more about what we are doing to protect your security.

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