Financial Fitness

We want to help you get fit—financially! Over your lifetime, you will face a number of major financial milestones, opportunities and challenges, from taking out your first loan to buying your first home to preparing for retirement.

You will be better prepared to take on these big things by building health habits into your lifestyle now. To help you, we have developed the Financial Fitness series! Every few weeks we will focus on a different aspect of financial fitness, such as budgeting, paying yourself first, use of credit, and retirement planning. We will have tools, booklets, and activities to help you build these into your life.

The first phase is...

Account Check Up!

When did you last do a health check on your bank account? The way we bank changes over time; the account we had a few years ago may no longer be the right fit today! Sometimes the change comes with age; some of our accounts are age based and the account you were moved to may not be the right one for you. Talk to us. You could be paying fees that you don't have to!
Then watch for future phases of the Financial Fitness training program:

Small Savings Goals

Health Budgeting Habits

Credit Core Strength

Retirement Motivation

Talk to your Personal Financial Fitness Trainer–a SASCU Advisor–to learn more.

P.S. Missed a phase? No problem. We can start you off on your Financial Fitness program today!


Account Check Up