New View to Online Banking

Due to the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, SASCU’s launch of a New View to Online Banking is delayed.  Watch for future updates on this new service.

Bringing You a New View to Your Banking

We are bringing a new view to online banking! Now you will see all your SASCU accounts with one login.

Watch for these upgrades this spring.  If you have a joint membership, you will receive a letter mailed directly to you with more information including which member number to use to log in and the importance of everyone using individual member numbers and Personal Access Codes that are unique to them.

See below to learn more about this change and what you can expect to see.

How will my view change? Expand/Collapse

When you log in with your "main" membership (the membership identified as the one you use most often for banking), you will see every personal account you are connected with.

For example, this member has three memberships they are part of. This is what it looks like when logging in via their desktop:

Desktop View - single login

Here is the same Memberships when logging in via their mobile app:

Account summary on app - new view

Why didn't my view change? Expand/Collapse

If you only have one personal membership with SASCU Credit Union, your view won't change.

If you do have more than one personal membership, you may be logging in with a membership that wasn't identified as your "main" membership (the membership that you appear to use the most). This information was mailed to you by Canada Post or via your online banking message box.

I prefer to log in via a different Membership. Can I get it changed? Expand/Collapse

Yes, if you prefer your "main" membership to be one other than the one identified for you, just contact us via phone, secure email, or inbranch and we will update that for you.

Why don't I see my business or organization accounts? Expand/Collapse

Only personal memberships were linked automatically. This is to allow your business to be independent from the rest of your financial picture.

If you prefer an additional membership that you are a signer on to be part of your single login view, contact us via phone, secure email, or inbranch and we will connect that for you.

I am not seeing one of my Memberships. Can I get that added? Expand/Collapse

Yes, contact us via phone, secure email, or inbranch and once verified, we will connect that for you.

My spouse uses my login to access our joint account. Should they keep using mine? Expand/Collapse

No. Your spouse or anyone else that shares a joint account with you will receive a letter with their own Member Number and directions of how to get their individual Personal Access Code. Encourage them to watch for this letter and follow the directions inside. Alternatively, they can contact us directly.

What difference does it make to share my login credentials when we have a joint account? Expand/Collapse

This update means that all memberships you are part of will be viewable with one login. That means any account that you have outside of the joint account will be automatically part of your online banking view. To protect your privacy, do not share your login.

Sharing your Personal Access Code also makes you liable for any fraudulent activities related to your account or personal information.

I can now see my kids' accounts that I am joint on. Can they see all my accounts? Expand/Collapse

No. You must be a signer on a Membership to see it. Your kids will be able to see the joint account they share with you and any other accounts that they are part of. If they are not a signer on your personal account, they will not be able to see it when signing in with their individual Member Number and Personal Access Code.

Will I still be able to use my debit card? Expand/Collapse

Yes. There is no impact to your debit card or your debit card PIN.


Why am I being asked to change my Personal Access Code? Expand/Collapse

As part of our commitment to ensure online security, SASCU is upgrading its online banking to allow for more secure passwords. We know changing passwords can be a hassle, but we also know our members appreciate the extra level of protection that regular security upgrades provide.

Requiring this Personal Access Code change now also encourages members to keep their new single log in information private.

What are the new Personal Access Code requirements? Expand/Collapse

New Personal Access Codes will require a minimum of 8 characters, including at least one of each of the following:
•    uppercase letter
•    lowercase letter
•    number
•    special character (e.g., &,$,%, !)

How do I change my Personal Access Code (PAC)? Expand/Collapse

Remember that when the move to single login takes affect, you will be required to change your PAC at that time. However, you may change your PAC at any time, if you know your current one.

In online banking via your desktop computer, log in and select "Profile and Preferences" then follow the directions to "Change Personal Access Code":

Change PAC

When in the SASCU banking app, select "Settings" (you may need to scroll to second page), and then "Change Personal Access Code":

Change PAC on app

I forget my Personal Access Code. What do I do? Expand/Collapse

Contact us via phone, secure email, or inbranch and, once verified, we will get you set up with a new Personal Access Code.