Member Card

Your SASCU Debit Card Works Around the World

Your SASCU Member Card debit card is a great alternative to carrying cash, and allows you to access your accounts worldwide. Pay for your purchases at point of sale terminals, and withdraw funds from ATMs in Canada, the United States and around the world.

Your Member Card debit card is accepted at any ATM displaying the AccuLink ®, Interac®, Cirrus® and/or Maestro® symbols.

Transactions at any AccuLink (Credit Union) ATM in Canada are also ding-free, meaning you won’t receive a surcharge for using that ATM (regular account service fees still apply). Locate an AccuLink ATM near you.

Your Member Card is protected by your Personal Identification Number (PIN) which you can change at any AccuLink ATM or with us in-branch.

Use your card to protect your purchases

When you use your Member Card, your item is protected for a full 120 days after purchase if it's stolen, broken, or even consumed in a fire. To make a claim, have your transaction record, the merchant bill, and (for warranty claims) the manufacturer's warranty, then call 1.800.263.9120 ext. 6895 (CUMIS General Insurance).

Also, when you use your Member Card, the manufacturer's warranty on your item can be doubled for up to two years.

For more information, you can view the Buyer Protection and Extended leaflet here.

Daily limits apply to your Member Card

With your Member Card, you have a daily cash limit that applies to both ATM withdrawals and Interac point-of-sale (POS) transactions for purchases or payments. If you are planning to make a large bill payment (e.g., property taxes, tuition, etc.) or purchase with your Member Card that exceeds your daily limit, give us a call to have your limit temporarily increased.

Lock Yourself Out?

If you enter an incorrect PIN three times during an Interac Point-of-Sale (POS) transaction, you will be locked out from using your Member Card until the PIN is reset. If you know your PIN, you can reset it yourself at any SASCU ATM. Just successfully complete a transaction (e.g., withdrawal) at any SASCU ATM and your card will be reactivated to use for POS transactions.

To change your PIN at a SASCU ATM, click "More Options" then "PIN Change". Follow the onscreen directions.

If you have forgotten your PIN, then see us in-branch to reset.