Mobile Web FAQs

What is Mobile Web?

Mobile Web is a new service that optimizes online banking for the mobile phone that can surf the Internet.

How is Mobile Web banking different from online banking?

Mobile Web banking offers the main online banking functionality, but is optimized for the small screen size of a mobile phone – no more scrolling around to find the log in box, all the features of your MemberDirect® online banking site are now in hand.

Which mobile phones can access Mobile Web?

Mobile Web is designed for phones with desktop-class browsers, including, but not limited to:
Safari mobile browser found in iPhones® and the iPod Touch®
BlackBerry browser for BlackBerry® Pearl, Curve and Bold

How do I get Mobile Web on my mobile phone?

Keep in mind, Mobile Web is not a program that you download or an application that you install; it is a web site that you visit.
Once at the site, you can bookmark it, so it appears – in future – as an icon on your mobile phone desktop.

How secure is Mobile Web?

Mobile Web is as secure as when you bank online and the Log in credentials, including your password (called Personal Access Code (PAC)) are protected. Please visit the Privacy & Legal page on the MemberDirect site for more information.

If I lose my phone, can my banking information be compromised?

If you lose your phone, someone can only access your banking information if they also have your Log in credentials, including your password. If you think your Log in credentials have been compromised, please contact us immediately.

What does it cost to use Mobile Web?

SASCU does not charge you to use Mobile Web, but please check with your mobile carrier for information on any charges for using the Internet that are applicable to you and your agreement with them.

Will Mobile Web work outside Canada?

This service is designed to work on mobile phones from a Canadian mobile carrier on a Canadian mobile network. However, if your Canadian mobile carrier has a roaming agreement with a foreign carrier, you can expect Mobile Web to work.

How is Mobile Web different from Mobile Banking?

The main difference is that Mobile Web allows members to not only see account history and recent transactions, but you can pay bills and transfer funds.
Mobile Banking offers voice and text functionality, while Mobile Web has full browser functionality and multi-media capabilities.

I’m not signed up for online banking. How do I get signed up?

Visit us at any branch and we will get you started. You can also visit our online banking page for details.

Still have questions?

Visit us in-branch, give us a call or send us an email. We're happy to get you started with Mobile Web.