SASCU Mastercard

Consolidate Your Balances and Save!

We're offering a special 5.9% annual interest rate on balance transfers to our SASCU Collabria* Mastercard¹. By taking advantage of this special rate, you’ll also get to:

  • Consolidate your balances and pay only one interest rate on balances
  • Save on annual fees from multiple cards²
  • Enjoy this 5.9% balance transfer rate on as many balance transfers as your credit card limit allows for the next six months from the date of the transfer³
This offer is available from May 1, 2020 and expires on July 31, 2020. So why wait? Speak to a SASCU representative today or go to the SASCU Collabria web page:

Earn 50% More Rewards Points on Groceries

Whatever you put in your shopping bag gets you extra points. That’s because you’ll automatically receive 50% more rewards points for every dollar spent to purchase groceries on your SASCU Collabria® Mastercard between May 1 and July 31, 2020. You’re buying groceries anyway, so why not stock up on points at the same time? It’s just another way we’re helping our Members get ahead.

For full offer details: