At SASCU, our mortgages are tailored to meet your needs and offered at competitive rates.

Our CreditMaster® mortgage offers financial flexibility that is both customizable and re-advanceable. This means we work with you to customize your financing to your needs plus you can borrow against the equity in your home for other purposes—at low interest rates now. Borrowing for renovations, a new car, tuition, travel or investments is cheaper than ever and can all be created under one CreditMaster® mortgage. Plus, having only one mortgage to prepare and register means cost and time savings for you.

We offer:

  • Mortgage pre-approvals
  • 90-day interest rate guarantee
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Re-advanceable without having to pay legal fees
  • Fixed and variable rate mortgages with flexible repayment options including monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly or weekly
  • 6 months to 7 year terms
  • 25% annual payment increase
  • Prepay up to 15% of the original mortgage amount on the anniversary date of the mortgage
  • 25 year amortization
  • Life, sickness and accident, critical Illness & loss of employment insurance
  • CMHC insured mortgages available
  • Additional savings with SASCU’s Patronage Rebate Program.

Types of Mortgages:

We offer a number of different mortgages to suit your needs.

Open Mortgage 

An open mortgage at a fixed or variable interest rate allows you to pay off some or all of your mortgage without penalty.

Fixed Mortgage

A fixed mortgage offers you a fixed interest rate for 6 months to 7 year terms. When your mortgage comes up for renewal you simply sign for your choice of term. This option gives you the security of knowing that your interest rate and payment won’t change during the term you select.

Variable Rate Mortgage

Variable rate mortgages are available for open or closed terms for up to 5 years. Payments are fixed for a period of time, although interest rates may fluctuate based on the prime rate.


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Life Changes. So Should Your Mortgage

The CreditMaster® Mortgage is the single product that offers all the options that work for your life.

A mortgage is a long term investment. A lot can heppen during that time. That's why we offer a mortgage with options that adapt to a family's changing financial needs, whatever they are and whenever they arise.

Discover the Power of a CreditMaster® Mortgage:

Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

It's easier than you think.

We Make It Simple. You Make the Terms

Want Fixed? Want Variable? Short Term? Long Term? Have it all.

Financial Flexibility and Freedom

Customizable and re-advanceable, the CreditMaster® is the most adaptable borrowing solution.


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Mortgage Rates

1 Year Closed2.49%
5 Year Closed 2.74%
7 Year Closed 3.04%

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