Life and Health

(offered by SASCU Wealth)

Often, we underestimate the impact a loss of income can have on ourselves and those who depend on us. SASCU Wealth offers peace of mind in knowing that you and those you care for have financial security today and into retirement:

Life Insurance

A must for anyone with young dependents and/or high debts. This is typically the lowest cost insurance option and provides a defined benefit in the case of death. Premiums can be set for the full length of the term (usually 10 to 20 years). Renewing is usually an option until 75 years of age.

Disability Insurance

Replaces a portion of income lost due to illness or injury. Many flexible options in waiting and benefit periods, occupation definitions and more, all of which affect premium costs so be sure to consult the professionals at SASCU  to get the right coverage to ensure your investment goals remain intact.

Critical Illness Insurance

Offers a one-time lump sum payment after diagnosis of a critical illness to help relieve the financial stress when recovering or to fund top-tier medical assistance abroad (i.e., Best Doctors program).

Long-term Care Insurance

Provides tax-free benefits to help keep your quality of life either at home or a facility when daily activities become too difficult. Today this is increasingly bought by a child for an aging parent, plus by spouses and individuals planning ahead to hold onto greater independence in later years.


A secure and reliable guaranteed source of income for life. This is a lower cost option for retirees concerned about outliving their savings. If non-registered, only interest will be taxed. In exchange for a lump sum investment, income stream is provided with various payment schedules.

Creditor Insurance

Protect your and your family’s lifestyle by having the appropriate coverage for your mortgage, personal loans, or lines of credit in the case of serious illness, injury or death. Get greater security—talk to your SASCU representative about the right protection for you.

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