EVT Ride for Free

EVT Ride for Free

The Eagle Valley Transportation Society was created in 2016, to provide a dependable, convenient and free transportation service for Sicamous and CSRD Area E.

Community Project:  Free Ride Program

Project Objective
We would like to purchase an electric car so we can give FREE rides to people who need help accessing essential services such as medical appointments and many other self-identified needs.

Our clients include anyone who has an appointment for an essential service and is in need of transportation to get to that appointment. We believe that people who don’t own cars, or are unable to drive or simply cannot afford transportation should not be deprived of essential services.

Proven Track Record
The Eagle Valley Transportation Society is a volunteer organization that has been providing free transportation to those in need since November 2016. We have logged thousands of kilometres transporting individuals to essential services including Doctor's appointments, scheduled surgical procedures at hospitals, Optometrist appointments, cancer treatments and more.

We have done criminal background checks on all our volunteer drivers. We have done safety inspections on all our volunteer vehicles and each vehicle is insured with a minimum of five million dollars of third party liability insurance.

Electric Car
With our proven track record, we believe we are ready to take things to the next level through the purchase of an eco-friendly 2017 Chevrolet Bolt electric car. The total cost including insurance for two years will be $49,323. We have also procured access to free power from a charging station at our local municipal government office.

Positive Impact
We believe the Free Ride Program will make our community a better place. It will make it easier for people to remain in their communities and age in their homes. This is a ground breaking project that we believe that will be used by numerous communities in the future. We need your support. Please vote for the Free Ride Program at your local SASCU Credit Union.

EVT Free Ride Program