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We help the community flourish






Youth Sports
​and Arts

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Making a difference

Community Prosperity

Strengthening the opportunities for people of all ages and
backgrounds in our region to thrive ensures a sustainable future.

We support community intiatives that further opportunities for
young people to build successful careers here at home, help
residents gain new skills and share knowledge, and give a helping ​hand to the disadvantaged to participate in our economy.

We recognize that "community" does not stop at the edge of the Shuswap. While "charity begins at home", it does not end there.

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Strengthening the community

Community Gathering

Bringing people together, supporting opportunities for them to interact, enhancing connections: these strengthen the community. 

Encouraging opportunities for multi-generations to gather, particularly where it is open and free to all, are where we provide the greatest impact. 

From Wednesdays on the Wharf and the annual Roots & Blues Festival to Storytime in the Park and Sicamous Canada Day, we dedicate time to bringing the community together.

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Celebrating younger generations

Youth Sports and Arts

The liveliness of a community bubbles up from its youth. 

Whether it is a minor sports team, an amateur theatre production,
or recreational infrastructure, we seek opportunities where we can make the greatest difference.

We support the Salmon Arm Silverbacks, Sockeyes Swim Club, and have contributed to the SASCU Recreation and SASCU Sports Complex buildings for the Salmon Arm Recreation Society just to name a few.



In the Community


Do Some Good

In commitment to strengthening the community, we are proud to be partners with Do Some Good. Do Some Good is a software company that created a platform to provide organizations and businesses an interactive online environment to show community involvement and connect with others. We are one of the 8,000+ organizations on the platform with the purpose to provide members of the Shuswap a place to view our work that strengthens our beautiful community.

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News & Events

See what events we’re planning and what we’re doing that’s making news in the Shuswap.


Grants, Funds, & Scholarships

We offer multiple scholarships and bursaries to schools throughout the Shuswap. 


Community Support Program

Our members are owners and elect the people who set our company’s course.