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Types of lines of credit

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How you benefit


Our lines of credit (LOC) offer a wide-range of benefits, including:

  • Overdraft protection on your business chequing account to give you added protection
  • Lower interest rates than most credit cards 
  • Ability to save money through early payment discounts 
  • Access to funds 24-7 through online banking
  • Flexible repayment options and ongoing access to funds up to your line of credit limit
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Know what to expect

The process

First, determine if your business can benefit from short-term financing. A business can benefit from an LOC when supporting cashflow while waiting for receivables to come (i.e. covering seasonal start up expenses, small, unexpected expenses, or inventory).

If you need short-term financing or further guidance, contact us to book an appointment with a Business Advisor.

For your appointment, please prepare to bring your business' financial statements and cash flow projections. This will allow our Advisors to understand your business' financial position and as a result, provide tailored solutions. 

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Understand lines of credit

Two types

A line of credit is a variable-rate loan that allows you to borrow up to specific limit on an ongoing basis. The two types are:

  • Unsecured line of credit — for covering short-term cash flow needs and overdraft protection   
  • Secured line of credit — receive a lower interest rate, interest-only monthly payments, and an option of a higher credit limit

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