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Mutual funds 101

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Thinking about investing in a mutual fund? Here are a few reasons to take the leap:

  • Accessibility to your funds — contribute to or withdraw from a mutual fund at almost any time you want
  • Peace of mind — invest in a variety of investments without taking on all the risks if purchased on its own
  • Liquidity — these funds can be bought and sold once every trading day
  • Diversification — one mutual fund may include dozens or hundreds of separate stocks
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Mutual funds 101

About mutual funds

A mutual fund is a type of investment fund. It is "open-ended" which means that it does not have a set number of shares. Here are important terms you need to know:

  • Investment fund — a collection of investments, such as stocks, bonds or other funds
  • Stock  — a financial investment that represents ownership in a company and a balanced claim on its assets and earnings
  • Bond — a fixed loan made by you, the investor, to a borrower, such as a company
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Grow your money

When you invest in a mutual fund, cash or value can increase from three sources: dividend payments, net asset value (NAV), and capital gain.

  • Dividend payments — income is earned from dividends on stocks and interest on bonds held in your portfolio
  • Net asset value (NAV) — if your fund increases in price but are not sold, your shares increase
  • Capital gain — when your fund sells a security that has gone up in price

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