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Business Insurance

Every business is different, and with that comes different insurance needs. Some of the types of insurance we offer include:

  • Property Coverage
  • Business Interruption
  • Bonding
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions

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How we can help your business

General Coverage


We support business owners in obtaining three types of property coverage. 

  • Building — coverage for when your building has a sewer backup, water damage, and complications from natural disasters
  • Equipment — coverage on your business' equipment inside, computers, furniture, and other electronics, as well as outside, signs and landscaping
  • Stock — loss or damage of your business' stock as a result of temperature, humidity, power outages, etc.

Unexpected events from a disaster or loss may cause your business to temporarily close.

Business interruption can cause a halt in your income, making it challenging to take care of:

  • repairs,
  • bills,
  • payroll, and 
  • other ongoing expenses your business has.

Our insurance can help you cover these expenses, so your business can bounce back.


Bonding is a fixed-income security in which you, the investor, loan money to the entity, government or corporation, who provided the bond.

With our bond coverage, businesses can be protected from: loss or theft of cash, employee dishonesty, computer fraud, trauma expenses, and audit coverage.


Everyone's on the Internet, and that includes hackers and scammers. Protect your business' website, social media, and online operations through cyber coverage.

Taking special care in securing company devices and data may not be enough. Our cyber insurance protects businesses from:

  • Malware —  when a cyber criminal uses software to control your business' devices to send confidential data to themselves or others
  • Phishing —  a cyber criminal pretending to represent an official organization to trick you into taking an action, such as sending money 
  • Spoofing — a cyber criminal impersonating another user or device to attack your business' networks
  • Brute force — when a cyber criminal attempts to decode data by trying multiple password combinations

Key man insurance is important for your business if it depends on a few key people, such as a business partner/owner. Key man are so valuable to your business that without them, it would financially suffer.


Tenants legal liability covers the loss or damage of property that results from a tenant renting space at that property. This ensures that you, as an apartment owner, do not have to pay for the cost of the loss or damage caused by a tenant.


If you have five or more motor vehicles that are primarily used for commercial or business purposes, consider fleet insurance. With fleet insurance, you can have:

  • a higher discount,
  • convenient payment options and, 
  • a single renewal date, making administration easier. 

Are you in the business of repairing, servicing, or storing customer’s cars? Do you sell new or used cars? A garage policy provides coverage for your business’ owned vehicles and those of your customers while they’re in your care or custody. 


Liability Coverage


Commercial general liability can provide you peace of mind knowing that you're covered if small mistakes happen. Whether you hit a customer's car in your parking lot, your employee leaves water running in a customer's home, or a visitor gets bitten in your animal shelter, you need protection.

Our commercial general liability insurance protects your business against:

  • the event of property damage due to your business' operations or products,
  • bodily and personal injuries, 
  • advertising liability, 
  • and more.

We provide insurance for individuals who offer professional services, including: doctors, accountants, consultants, and almost any professional. Our professional liability insurance covers:

  • Legal and defense costs
  • Coverage against economic or financial loss
  • Privacy failure expense
  • Employment practices
  • Errors in judgement

Get protected from property damage and bodily injury before mistakes happen. We can provide coverage specifically designed for your event type, duration, and location. For example, we provide liquor liability to those hosting events that serve liquor.

Enjoy your event knowing that if the unexpected happens, you're covered.


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