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Life & Health Insurance

Know that you and those you care for have financial
security. Some of the types of insurance we offer are:

  • Life

  • Disability

  • Critical Illness

  • Creditor

  • Long-term Care 

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Life insurance is a must for anyone with dependents and/or debt. An individual or family term life insurance policy is typically the lowest cost life insurance option that provides a defined benefit to your named beneficiary, if you pass away while the policy is in force. Except for Term-Life or Term-100, most term life insurance policies mature at age 80-85, and premiums are guaranteed until the policy matures.

If you were suddenly unable to work due to illness or injury, would you still be able to pay your bills? Disability Insurance can replace a portion, or all, of your monthly income. You must be working to quality, and there are many, flexible options to customize a disability protection plan for your budget and priorities.

Image the worst — you've just had a heart attack or a stroke, or maybe you just learned you have cancer. Critical Illness Insurance provides a one-time, lump sum payment after having a heart attack or stoke, or receiving a diagnosis of a life-threatening cancer or a select number of other critical illnesses. The tax-free benefit can be used for whatever you choose: you can pay off debt, pay for something to improve your quality of life, or even pay for treatments and care not covered through your provincial health plan. There are no restrictions on how you spend the benefit.


An annuity is a life insurance contract that can protect you from outliving your savings. In exchange for a lump sum payment (or series of payments), a life insurance company provides you a guaranteed income stream, tailored to suit your needs. A term certain annuity is for a set period of time (it can provide bridge payments until Canadian pension payments begin), while a life annuity can provide an income stream on one, or on multiple lives. Annuity income is tax efficient because most of the income is provided as a return of capital. In a prescribed annuity, the tax (on the growth only) is evenly distributed over the life of the annuity.

The primary difference between Creditor Life, Critical Illness, and Disability Insurance and individual insurance policies is the financial institution is the beneficiary. With your creditor life or critical illness policies, the premiums remain the same, even though the mortgage balance is decreasing.

If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, have a heart attack or stroke, or pass away, your Creditor Life and Critical Illness policies will pay off the balance of your mortgage, or a portion of your loan, Line of Credit, or Credit Card Balance.

Protect your future and credit health with the security of creditor insurance — talk to our advisors to discover the right protection for you.

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