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Understand social responsibility

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Research ways to get involved



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Understand social responsibility

What is social responsibility?

Social responsibility represents our duty as people to act in a way that benefits society. Everyone must pay careful attention to their impact on society and the environment and behave in a transparent, ethical manner to support long-term success. Some of the ways you can be socially responsible is to reduce your carbon footprint, volunteer in the community, and give to charities. 


Research ways to get involved

What matters to you?

Are you passionate about making energy clean and affordable? Improving climate change? Influencing gender equality? Investigating industry trends, potential risks, and media content is a good place to start. Below are ideas to start thinking about socially responsibility in your workplace or personal life.

  • Promote environmental sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint
  • Find ways to promote energy efficiency
  • Integrate diversity/opportunity policies in the workplace 
  • Implement community programs 
  • Ensure there is diversity and independence in your company's Board of Directors 

Social responsible investing

One way you can get involved is by putting your money towards things that matter to you — like socially responsible investing.

What is socially responsible investing (SRI)? It is a way to align your values with investments. SRI can be used by companies to demonstrate their involvement in the community and the values that influence their operations. For example, they may declare no connections to tobacco, weapons, or gambling, but engage in environmental sustainability, diversity, and inclusion.

Our wealth management partners at NEI follow the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors when determining their offerings. How is the organization treating the enviroment? How is the social culture of the organization? What are the ethics of the organization’s governance? Talk to your financial advisor about responsible investing options.

Learn more about the ESG strategy difference >


Take action

Why it's worth it 

You can support the cause you are passionate about by volunteering! Attending events, donating, and making connections are others ways you can support a cause. By actively supporting a cause, you are giving back to the community, improving employment prospects, meeting new people, and making connections. Supporting a cause not only positively influences you, but everyone around you.

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Learn the positive impacts of social responsible investing:


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Thinking of creating a non-profit? Learn more about the steps involved with becoming a registered non-profit and maintaining your status. 


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