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Planning and advice you can rely on


Whether you are starting your own business, managing operations, investing in company growth, creating a non-profit, or restructuring your business, we help you put together a plan and see it come to life.

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Have an idea

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Research your industry

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Create a plan


Have an idea

Decide how you'll set up your business

Once you have an idea, decide the type of business that's best for you. There are three types of businesses:

  • Proprietorship — Easy set up, keep all profits and assume all losses.
  • Partnership — Two or more people combine abilities and knowledge to run a business.
  • Incorporation —  Turning a sole proprietorship or general partnership into a legal corporation.

By selecting a type of business and protecting your original words, symbols, and photographs, you are setting your business up for success. For planning and tax advice, consult with your accountant.


Research your industry

Satisfying government requirements

Contacting a variety of government agencies is a crucial step to make your business official. Have you registered your business in British Columbia? Have you obtained a permit or license from the government? Find the information you need:

Start by going to "14 Steps to Starting Your Own Business" >


Financial decisions

Not only does your business need funds to get started, it also needs continuous  "cashflow." Keep your business operating by understanding the basic types of financing, 1) Equity or Shareholders' Loans, 2) Term Loans, 3) Operating Loans, and 4) Bridge Loans. Financial assistance is where we can help.

Try our cash flow calculator >

We can help > 


Working from home

Working from home has pros and cons. Some pros are that it is cheaper than renting an office space, you can create a flexible work schedule, and you can enjoy the independence of being your own boss. Some cons may be that you can get easily distracted, have a hard time completing tasks, and feel lonely not working with other people. 


PRO TIP!  There are tax deductibles on working from home. Expenses such as electricity bills, heating, maintenance, property taxes and more can be a written off.

Learn about the tax deductibles on working from home >


Create a plan

Your business plan

A business plan is a written document that describes your entire business. It can support your business' growth and overall progress.

An effective business plan answers the 5 W's — who, what, when, where and why.

Access our free business planning tool >


Tools & Resources


Business Planner


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Cash Flow Calculator


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Commercial mortgages

We offer competitive rates for commercial, multiple-use and industrial buildings. Let's find the right option for you.


Get business fit

Get into shape by building healthy habits for your financial future with our Financial Fitness Series.


Business Insurance 

Whether an individual contractor or large employer, we'll make sure you and your business are covered.