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Application Process FAQ


Application Criteria

Preference is given to projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Located within our market area
  • Organizations with a SASCU account
  • Benefits the greatest number of people over the longest period of time
  • Support the betterment of the community
  • Initiatives with measurable results
  • Focused on one or more of the three areas SASCU has identified to make a positive impact:
    • Community Prosperity 
    • Community Gathering
    • Youth - Sports and Arts

Note: Environment-focussed projects are encouraged to review their fit for the SASCU Community Endowment Fund


Supporting Documents

For Community Support requests over $500, please include the following documentation.

  • Detailed organizational history – mandate and/or mission statement, organizational accomplishments
  • Detailed project outline and timelines
  • Project measures in relation to our three areas of impact (Community Prosperity, Community Gathering, Youth Sports and Arts)
  • Detailed project budget – total amount requested, revenue, expenses, quotes (if applicable) for equipment, labour etc.
  • Most current financial statement
  • Other contributing partners and funding details
  • Detailed sponsorship levels with associated benefits to the sponsor – if applicable

Make Your Application Stand Out

We have three areas of impact: Community Prosperity, Community Gathering, Youth Sports and Arts

The more areas of impact that resonate with your project/initiative, the more your application will stand out from others. 

To fully understand our areas of impact, visit the Our Impact page.


Application Deadlines

Completed application requests will be dated upon receipt and will be reviewed within three weeks of the deadline dates as follows:

  • Requests up to $500 are reviewed following the bi-weekly deadlines (15th & 30th of the month)
  • Requests over $500 are reviewed following the quarterly deadlines (last business day of February, May, August, November)
  • Requests of $10,000 and over are reviewed following the semi-annual deadlines (last business day of May and November)

Within two months of the project or event completion, successful applicants MUST submit an Evaluation Form along with copies of relevant media and advertising materials. Failure to complete this step may hinder future applications.


Submitting Your Application

Create or login to your Do Some Good profile and submit an application.

Having technical problems? Email

Have a question? Email or Phone 250-833-1328


Organizations that should not apply:

​We generally will not provide funding for the following:

  • For profit organizations;
  • Operating or administration costs including wages and speaker or consulting fees;
  • Any group that represents a conflict of interest for SASCU or promotes specific programs or issues where members of the Credit Union may have significantly divergent views;
  • Partisan, religious, or political events or purposes; 
  • Requests involving funding for travel; which would include meals and / or accommodation;
  • Initiatives which benefit only a specific individual or a very small group of individuals;
  • Programs or events outside our market area unless there is a clear benefit to our members;
  • More than one funding request per year from the same group;
  • Third party service groups (where funds are being raised to be given to other organizations, unless aimed at a specific project).
  • Public or private educational institution requests for materials or equipment typically or occasionally supplied through government funding.

The above mentioned criteria is a guideline. All community support applications are evaluated on an individual basis.

See here for news on recently supported projects and events. 


Why do you need to create a Do Some Good profile?

Once you click on the link to your application form, you are taken to the Do Some Good login page to either sign into your Do Some Good account or create one.

You must have a Do Some Good account to fill out your application form. This provides a number of benefits:

  • Allows for some application fields to auto-fill based on your login information
  • Ensures security and credibility of the completed form, weeding out any spam
  • Creates a connection between us and your non-profit
  • Makes it easy to communicate with the you after the form has been submitted
  • Allows you to to track your application status
  • Facilitates you to be a brand ambassador for SASCU (e.g. sharing stories, writing testimonials)

After filling out our application form, you are given a link to view your submission and its current state of review. You will only be able to view your submission if you are logged into your account. 


What is Do Some Good?

Nonprofits and charitable organizations like yours create stronger communities by providing critical services to those who need them most. Do Some Good was founded to help support the work you do. They’re an online platform that connects people, businesses and charitable organizations to create meaningful impact in their communities. 

It’s FREE!

Because of the Good Companies and Local Champions that sign up to Do Some Good, like SASCU, charities and nonprofits have access to powerful tools for FREE! 

How YOU Benefit 

Organizations like yours can use Do Some Good’s innovative platform (outside of applying to SASCU’s Community Support program) to:

  • Auto-populate your website with events and stories - See an example
    (scroll to ‘In the Community’)
  • Gain exposure to new donors and supporters
  • Recruit and schedule volunteers (including virtual)
  • Create & manage events in one place
  • Track and measure collective impact

Learn more >

Located in B.C.?
Do Some Good has partnered with Black Press Media to ensure your organization's good stories get the attention they deserve. Whether you are promoting an upcoming virtual event, recruiting volunteers, thanking a supportive business, or sharing a simple act of kindness, the stories and content you share on Do Some Good will also appear on Black Press media sites where you’re located! For example, check out the ‘Local Good’ section of the Salmon Arm Observer website.  

Contact Do Some Good
Email to learn how to fully optimize your account. 

SASCU's Community Support Program

For questions about applying to SASCU's Community Support Program contact Erin Stagg, Community Lead, at

Do Some Good

Have questions about applying through Do Some Good? Email to learn how to fully optimize your account.

Evaluation Form

If we recently contributed to your event/project, please fill out our evaluation form and submit any photos that we can share. Thank you!


Still have questions?

If you're new to the Do Some Good platform or are looking for ways to maximize your organization’s profile click "Learn More" or email for support.