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Term deposits 101

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Decision-making process

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How you'll benefit

Flexible guaranteed return

When looking for modest return you can feel confident in, a term deposit might be your answer. The choices are broad so consider the following before investing:

  • When do you plan on needing the money? Is this a short or long term investment? Choices range from 1 year to 5 years.
  • Saving for a long term goal or still want the option to access the cash? Choose between a cashable, redeemable, or non-redeemable.
  • Is this part of your tax strategy? Consider holding your term deposit in a registered account, like RRSP or TFSA.
  • Are you willing to risk some return for the potential of higher growth? If so, a Market Linked Term Deposit might be for you.

SASCU Advisors are here to help you through these choices.

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Rate Risers

Escalating rates

Want to see the rate of interest you earn rise each year of your investment? A Rate Riser term deposit has automatic annual rate increases and offers access to funds on each anniversary without penalty.

Want to see where Rate Risers fit into your strategy? 

Call us now at 250-832-8011 > 

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Market Linked

Better growth potential

Want to tap into the growth opportunities of the stock market, while protecting your initial investment? Market Linked Term Deposits provide variable returns determined by how well the pre-selected basket of companies perform.

Two baskets to choose from:

  1. Canadian Diversified is based on 20 major Canadian corporations. Options of three or five year term. Learn more >
  2. Enhanced Return is based on the performance of Canada's eight largest financial institutions and guarantees a minimum return plus additional growth potential. Offered as a five year term. Learn more >

At SASCU, your deposits are 100% protected by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (CUDIC). Learn more >


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The Tax-free Savings Account (TFSA) allows you to invest and save without being taxed on your financial gains.



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