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Quick & ​Secure

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No Hassle Of Contacting Your Billers


Encryption Protection

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Easily Switch ​Recurring Payments

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Ensure Your Payments Have Been Processed

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Transfer Your Pay Cheque Deposit

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ClickSWITCH is an online tool to help you move recurring payments at any other financial institution to your personal SASCU account.

With a ClickSWITCH account, information is transferred instantly; it's fully automated, convenient, and takes as little as 10 minutes.

  • Securely transfer payments such as insurance, utilities, mortgage payments

  • Transfer your pay cheque deposit

  • Transfer payments from the Government such as Pension or GST deposits

  • View payments linked with another financial institution and decide what you would like to switch over to SASCU

  • Use Switch Assist to see all of your direct deposits and automatic payments in one place, or gather your paystubs and automatic bill payment information.

  • Book an appointment with a SASCU Advisor if you would like assistance making your switches.

  • After you have enrolled in ClickSWITCH, please ensure your account information is correct prior to starting a switch.

  • Check the status of your switches

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How ClickSWITCH Works

Below are the five easy steps to getting started with ClickSWITCH:

  1. Log into Online Banking

  2. Click on "Payments" then "ClickSWITCH"

  3. Select which accounts to enroll

  4. Read and accept the terms and conditions

  5. Once completed, you are now enrolled and can start a Switch Concierge session


A pre-authorized debit allows you to withdraw money from your bank account when a payment is due, such as utility payment or car loan payment. Use the list below to organize the transfer of your pre-authorized debits to your new account.

A direct deposit is any payment that you receive from a person or organization directly into your account. These include payroll deposits, pension deposits and dividend deposits from investment accounts. Use the checklist below to organize the transfer to your new account.

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