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CRA Direct Deposits

Have funds like your Income Tax Refund, Canada Workers Benefit, and more, deposited directly into your SASCU account.

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Void Cheque Example

Understanding Void Cheques

Direct Deposit and Pre-Authorized Debits (PADs) require the following information for depositing to or withdrawing funds from your account:

  • Transit number or branch identification number (primary branch):

    • Sorrento - 15730

    • Sicamous - 15720

    • Salmon Arm Uptown - 15740

    • Salmon Arm Downtown - 15710

  • Institution number (applicable to SASCU members): 809

  • 12-Digit Account number found in Online Banking: steps outlined above
Note: although you login to Online Banking using a 7-digit account number, it's essential to provide the complete 12-digit account number from your Online Banking's void cheque for direct deposits and PADs to work.
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