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CRA Direct Deposits

Have funds like your Income Tax Refund, Canada Workers Benefit, and more, deposited directly into your SASCU account.

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How to Read a Cheque

When setting up a Direct Deposit for a SASCU account, you'll need to provide the sender with the following information:

  • Transit number or branch identification number (this number will depend on your primary branch):

    • Sorrento - 15730

    • Sicamous - 15720

    • Salmon Arm Uptown - 15740

    • Salmon Arm Downtown - 15710

  • Institution number (this number will be the same across all SASCU members): 809

  • 9-Digit Account number (this is a two-digit, Demand Account designation code, followed by your seven-digit account number): i.e to transfer funds into John Smith's Chequing account he would present his 9-digit account code as "103456789". 

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