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Self-Serve International Transfers - NEW!

Make fast, online international transfers anywhere, anytime. Enjoy:

  • Access to live rates and guaranteed transfer amounts

  • Delivery within 1-2 business day(s) 

  • A confirmation notification once the funds are in the recipient's account

  • Advanced security features

0. Who should I contact regarding my transfers? 

Once you've accessed the International Transfers site (via the link in your online banking or app), our provider will be able to assist you directly:

1. What is an international transfer?

International transfers are a convenient alternative to wire transfers, that enables you to make transfers internationally through your online banking or app.

Whether you’re paying your mortgage overseas or sending money to family abroad, self-serve international transfer empowers you to send money from the comfort of your own home. 

2. How do I make an international transfer?  

Make a transfer in three simple steps:  

  1. Compete your one-time registration through online banking or app under the 'Transfers' tab
  2. Add your recipient so we know where to send money to  
  3. Book your international transfer  


3. What information do I need from the receiver to send them money?

Information can vary depending on the country. Your receiver will need to ask their financial institution for their deposit information. 

You can find your deposit information on our Direct Deposit page under 'How to Read a Cheque' (e.g., at SASCU we have a transit number or branch identification number, an institution number, and an account number).

4. Who is AFL International Transfers?

International Transfers are done through AFL International Transfers, also referred to as Agility Forex, a Canadian fintech company.

When you log in to online banking and select the International Transfers feature, AFL International Transfers’ website opens via single sign-on. You then create an AFL International Transfers profile before sending an International Transfer.   

5.What is the maximum and minimum transfer amount? 

You can transfer as much as $25,000 or as little as $10 per transaction within 1-2 business days – no hassle.

Transactions over $25,000 are subject to longer delays. If you'd like to send a higher transfer, you can request one with AFL International Transfers (the provider) by contacting, 1-604-256-6200, or by using the live chat on the International Transfers landing page when accessed within online banking.

Note: you might be asked to pass additional security measures.

6. How do I keep track of my transfer?  

Your transfer will appear in your transaction history in online banking in real-time, plus, you’ll receive an email notification when the transfer has left your account and when it arrives at the recipient’s account.  

7. When can I make international transfers?  

Anytime, anywhere. Simply login and navigate to the international transfers page.

8. How long does the transfer take?  

Quick next-day delivery in North America and up to two business days everywhere else.

Transfers over $25,000 may experience longer delays. 

9. Can I transfer from my US dollar account?

Currently, only transfers from Canadian dollar accounts are supported.

10. How safe is my transfer?  

Your transfer is protected with AES 256-bit encryption, automated identity verification, anti-money laundering procedures, automated online checks, advanced anti-fraud safeguards and insurance coverage - all through a FINTRAC-regulated entity.  

11. Who can send an international transfer?

You can send an international transfer from your personal account.

International Transfer is not available for Small Business Online Banking. SASCU instead provides wire transfers for Small Business Online Banking members in branch. Contact us >

Also note, money can’t be transferred from a US account. You are debited in Canadian dollars. 

12. What are the exchange rates? 

With live pricing, you get the real exchange rate—every time.  

13. How do I know how much the recipient will receive?  

With our guaranteed transfer amount, what is sent is what is received— there are no deductions ever.  

For most currencies, including USD: If the transfer is less than $500 CAD, a $2.50 fee applies. There are no fees if the transfer is over $500. 

For few select countries: Depending on the amount, the fee can be approximately $5. 

All fees will be noted and agreed to before you complete the transfer through AFL International Transfer's site.

Electronic bill payment fee applies*.

* SASCU Service Charges >

Interac e-Transfers image_Transfers page.jpg

Interac® e-Transfers

You can enjoy the following perks of our Interac® e-Transfers:

  • Free for any personal or business account

  • Ensure your information is secure in every transaction

  • Convenient way to make send money 24/7


Interac® e-Transfers allows you to send and receive money quickly and securely using a computer or a mobile phone. This means splitting that pizza, paying the babysitter, or repaying for that movie just got easier.

Use the request money feature to quickly let friends, family or anyone else know what they owe you and have the funds autmoatically

Getting paid just got easier! By registering your email address with Interac, all transfers sent to that address will automatically be deposited into your preferred account.

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Transfers between accounts

As a SASCU member, you can transfer money within online banking to your own chequing and savings accounts in a fast, convenient, and secure way.


1 - After logging in, click the "Transfers" icon

2 - Click "To My Account"

3 - Click "Select Account" under "From:" and select the account you wish to transfer money from

4 - Click "Select Account" under "To:" and select the account you wish to transfer money to

5 - Click "Amount" to type the amount of money you wish to transfer

6 - Select "Now", "Later", or "Recurring" to customize when the transfer will be completed

1 - After logging in, click "Transfer" in the main navigation

2 - Under "Transfer From", use the drop-down menu to adjust the account you wish to transfer money from 

3 - Type the amount of money you wish to transfer under "Transfer Amount"

4 - Select your "Schedule Transfer"

5 - Ensure your selection is "My own account" under "Transfer To"

Wire Transfers image_Transfers page.jpg

Wire Transfers

With wire transfers, you can transfer money around the world while enjoying:

  • Speed and security

  • Reasonable fees

  • Being covered wherever you travel — available in more than 100 international countries


Sending or receiving a wire transfer requires certain information to satisfy our internal compliance requirements. These include regulatory requirements under anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws and regulations applicable to all Canadian financial institutions.

This is what you will need to send your wire transfer:

  • Full name of who you are sending it to (check the spelling!)
  • Financial institution's full name the financial institution's full mailing address
  • Bank account numberthe transit, SWIFT or BIC code (8 or 11 characters long) — A SWIFT or BIC code is an international banking code that contains the bank and branch information of the beneficiary bank
  • IBAN number (if sending to Europe)

Fees vary depending on where and in what currency the funds are being sent. Additional fees apply for incomplete information, wire traces, or return of funds. Contact us for support with domestic or international wire transfers.

View service charges for wire transfers and more.

If you are expecting to receive a wire transfer, provide the sender with the following:

  • Your full name and/or your full business name
  • Financial institution's full name
  • Financial institution's full mailing address
  • Bank account number
  • Transit, SWIFT or BIC code (8 or 11 characters long) —  A SWIFT or BIC code is an international banking code that contains the bank and branch information of the beneficiary bank
  • Currency the wire is being received in

Please call us to receive the following wire transfer forms:

  • Canadian Dollar (CAD) Domestic Incoming Wire Transfers
  • Canadian Dollar (CND) International Incoming Wire Transfers
  • US Dollar (USD) Incoming Wire Transfers
  • Euro (EUR) Incoming Wire Transfers
  • British Pound Sterling (GBP) Incoming Wire Transfers
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