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Access banking services instantly at your fingertips with the SASCU app.


Getting started

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Download the app

Visit the App or Play Store and search, "SASCU". With a host of convenient features, it's a fast and secure way to handle everyday banking.

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Login to the SASCU app using the same credentials you would for Online Banking (i.e., branch, member number, and password).  

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Start Banking

Explore the app. We've got tons of great features empowering you to bank, anytime, anywhere!

User-friendly and convenient

You can complete the following banking actions on the app:

  • Account management - types, balance, transactions, dates, amounts, etc. 
  • Bill scheduling and payments
  • Send, cancel, or request Interac e-Transfers® 
  • Transfer between accounts
  • View linked SASCU credit cards, Qtrade and Credential accounts

  • Check the latest interest rates
  • Find the closest branch or ATM
  • View messages from SASCU
  • Vote online (SASCU Board)
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Featured services


Customizable QuickView 

In addition to viewing your account balance on the home screen, you have the option to add up to 3 accounts of your choice.


We know Apple users have been able to use Face and Fingerprint ID for some time. But now, Android users can use Fingerprint ID too!

International Transfers

Send money abroad using our third-party, international transfers provider. Learn more >

Deposit Anywhere 

Save time visiting a branch. Take a photo of your cheque through the SASCU app and have the funds automatically deposit into your account.


Guides and FAQs 


For iPhone users:

1. Using your iPhone, search for "SASCU" in the App Store

2. Select the app icon, and verify that the author of the app is SASCU

3. Tap the icon marked "Free," then tap again when it changes to “Install"

For Android™ users:

1. Using your Android phone, tap the search icon and search for "SASCU" on Google Play™

2. Select the app icon, and verify that the author of the app is SASCU

3. Tap the icon marked "Install," then tap “Accept” in the next screen

Step by Step Guide >

​2-Step Verification is an additional and convenient security measure SASCU's put in place to protect our members' privacy and banking information and allows for password reset.

Once you've set up 2-Step Verification, you'll receive a verification code to your cell phone or email address to enter into your device and gain access to your account. You're likely familiar with this verification system if you have an account with Facebook or Gmail. 

What are the benefits to 2-Step Verification?

  1. 2-Step Verification protects you from cyber threats such as malware and phishing attacks because it provides an additional layer of security.
  2. You use it to reset your password (PAC).
  3. It replaces security questions. Meaning, you won't have to remember security question answers.

When does it get activated?

You'll be prompted with 2-Step Verification when:

  1. you first become a SASCU member and login to your account
  2. whenever an attempt to access your account is assessed as needing increased authentication, you'll be prompted with 2-Step Verification (e.g., signing in from a new device, signing in from a new location).

How do I set it up?

You'll be prompted to set up this feature when you first log into your account once it's been launched. Follow the steps (adding your email and/or text) when the prompt screen comes up.

You can update your email or cell number in your Profile and Preferences settings in Online Banking or in Settings on the SASCU app. 

Can I use my landline number for 2-Step Verification?

No. Make sure the number you add is a cell phone number. Landlines will not work. If you do not have access to either, enter your email address. 

What do I do if I need to access my account while travelling and I'm not receiving texts in time?

If you're out of the country, add and use your email to receive verification codes instead of texts. Give us a call and we'll reset your settings so that you can add an email.

How do I change my 2-Step Verificaiton settings (e.g., add or update an email or cell number)?

SASCU app Instructions:
  1. Login to the SASCU app
  2. Press "Settings"
  3. Then "2-Step Verification Settings"
  4. Follow the prompts and save
Online Banking Instructions:
  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Press "Profile and Preferences"
  3. Then "Change 2-Step Verification Information"
  4. Follow the prompts and save

What should I know about using 2-Step Verification?

  1. Use a supported browser like Edge, Chrome, Safari
  2. Use a private internet network
  3. Do not use a VPN to log in
  4. Do not use a private/hidden/incognito window
Setting up autodeposit simple.
  1. Login to the SASCU app
  2. Select "Interac E-Transfer®"
  3. Then, "Settings" and "Autodeposit"
  4. Add your email and choose the account you'd like e-transferred funds deposited into
Now any e-Transfers sent to your email address will be automatically deposited into your account. 
Convenience at your fingertips.

Book an appointment through the SASCU app today.
  • Select your appointment topic
  • Meet online, over the phone, or in-person
  • Choose when and where
We'll connect you with the right Advisor. 

How to book an appointment through our app:
  1. Open the SASCU app
  2. Select 'Book Appointment'
  3. Follow prompts
That's it!
Remote Deposit Capture allows you to snap a picture of your cheque from our app and have it deposit those funds into your account without ever having to step foot in a branch! Here's how:
  1. Login to the SASCU app
  2. Select "Deposit"
  3. Allow the app to access your camera
  4. Select which account to deposit the cheque into
  5. Insert the Amount
  6. Take a clear photo of the back and the front of the cheque
  7. Review the details and send!

After depositing your cheque, keep it in a safe place for "60" days.

Your cheque should deposit into your account in approximately 3 business days.
You do not need to mail the cheque to one of our branches.
Once the 60 days are up, you can destroy the cheque.
Protect yourself from online hackers. Set up alerts and get notified when activity happens within your account.

  1. Login to the SASCU app
  2. Scroll to the second page and select 'Alerts'
  3. Then 'Manage'
  4. From here, choose the activity you'd like to be notified on
  5. Add a contact method, 'Email' or 'Phone'
  6. Then press 'Save'
From here you can add more Alerts or Contacts (notify up to 3).

Before signing out, make sure your device allows notifications from our app.

  1. Go to 'Settings'
  2. Select, 'Notification'
  3. Toggle on the notification 
  4. Finally, press 'Save'
That's it! Give it a go.
Save your login by selecting 'Remember me" to take advantage of Biometrics and QuickView features in the SASCU app.

  1. Open the SASCU app
  2. Fill in your login credentials
  3. Select 'Remember me' and type in a profile name (see below)
  4. Login

You've saved your login!

Now you'll have access to set up QuickView and Biometrics by going to 'Settings' and follow the prompts.

TIP! Make sure your device has Face/Fingerprint ID enabled before attempting to set it up in the app. 

QuickView allows you to view your account balances even when not logged into the Mobile App.

PRO TIP! To enable QuickView, you first need to add a saved login. See "Memorized Login and Biometrics" above. 

Turn on QuickView:

To enable QuickView for an existing saved login:
  1. Select Set Up (while not logged in).
  2. Select a login profile.
  3. Enter a password, then select Log In.
  4. Select QuickView, then select Save.

Turn off QuickView:
  1. Go to "QuickView Settings" on the home page of the SASCU app
  2. Select "Turn off QuickView"
  3. Then "Continue"
That's it! 

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

You can now reset your password using self-serve password reset. 

Simply click "forgot password" on the login screen and follow the prompts. 

Step by Step Guide >

Why can't I use Password Reset (Forgot Password?)?

If 'Forgot Password?", isn't working for you it's likely an issue with the SIN value.

  1. Make sure the SIN that's being typed is the account owner's SIN.
  2. If you're sure you're typing the correct SIN, contact us via phone or in branch. We will need to check that we have your SIN on file. 
    1. If not, we can easily add your SIN for you to use this feature.
    2. If you don't want your SIN on file, you won't be able to use the Password Reset feature (it's how we verify you are you).
What is Scheduled/Recurring e-Transfer?
Scheduled/Recurring e-Transfer allows you to schedule a one-time, future dated e-Transfer or set up recurring e-Transfers (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). Stay on track with your payments!

Who can send scheduled and recurring e-Transfers?
This feature is for Personal SASCU accounts.

Small Business Online Banking and Business accounts won't have the option to schedule or send recurring e-Transfers.

How do I set up a scheduled or recurring e-Transfer?
  1. Login to the SASCU App
  2. Under Interac e-Transfer®, select Send Money
  3. You'll see the options to send 'Later' or 'Recurring'
  4. Follow the prompts, review, and submit
Like regular e-Transfers, your recipient will receive Interac notifications, informing and confirming your transaction(s).

Where can I see that status of my scheduled e-Transfer(s)?
In our app navigate to Interac e-Transfer® > Send Money, then Pending OR Interac e-Transfer® > Recieved History for past transactions.

Why didn't my e-Transfer go through?
Like regular e-Transfers or scheduled bill payments, there are several reasons a transfer may have failed.
  1. There were insufficient funds in the account when the e-Transfer was scheduled
  2. You may have exceeded your daily or period limit 
  3. The account is frozen

If an e-Transfer fails, give us a call (250.832.8011) and we'll have a look to see why it might not have gone through. 

How much do scheduled/recurring e-Transfers cost?
Recurring and scheduled Interac e-Transfers®, like regular e-Transfers, are FREE. Just another perk of being a SASCU member! 

How far into the future can I set up Scheduled/Recurring e-Transfers for? 
1 year.

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Watch short, video tutorials on best practises and useful tips!
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